Sunday April the 22nd 2018

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  • Disaster Preparedness
  • FEMA
  • State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry
  • Storm Surge Information
  • Victoria Emergency Notification


  • The Victoria Office of Emergency Management will:

  • Build and maintain the framework upon which our community prepares for, responds to, and recovers from natural, or man-made disasters or significant emergencies through;

  • ...setting the standard by actively exploring new ways to prevent or reduce the impact or disaster, all the while integrating the lessons learned by our experience and best practices.

  • ...understanding to the best of our ability the hazards that our community may face, and striving to plan and coordinate effectively, focusing on effective employment of all governmental efforts, and the integration of private sector and volunteer organizations seamlessly into the planning process.

  • ...actively coordinating the efforts made immediately before, during and immediately after an emergency in order to save lives, minimize property damage and increase the effectiveness of recovery operations.

  • ...developing and implementing short-term actions which are taken to assess the damage and reestablish vital life-support systems; and long term actions to restore our community to a normal state.

  • June 1st marks the first day of Hurricane Season.
    Be safe be prepared.
  • 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook
  • 2017 Guadalupe Flood Impact Data



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