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These peace officers are the first link in the county's chain of law enforcement. Along with their deputies, constables have all the enforcement powers of Texas peace officers. They are sometimes referred to as the executive officer of the justice of the peace courts.

Precinct Map

      • Subpoena witnesses
      • Act as bailiff
      • Execute judgments
      • Service of process

  • In large metropolitan counties the constable may also assist the county and district courts. In addition, they may perform patrol functions and make criminal investigations.

    They are involved in the overall effort to reduce the effects of crime in their communities, including, in some cases, the operation of truancy programs.

  • Precinct 1:

    Jesse Garza
    (361) 580-5748

    Precinct 2:

    James Calaway
    (361) 580-5763

    Precinct 3:

    Kenneth Easley Jr.
    (361) 580-5760

    Precinct 4:

    Kyle R. Dalton
    (361) 935-6774


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