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Our Mission

Modifying behavior to conform to the law by causing consequence for unlawful conduct.

Seek the truth, preserve due process of law, and achieve justice through the efficient and effective use of available public resources.

Goal #1 Promote and pursue fair, impartial and expeditious justice
  • Hold Offenders accountable
  • Match disposition to offender and crime
  • Administer justice timely and efficiently
  • Serve victims and witnesses effectively
  • Enhance training and professionalism of law enforcement

Goal #2 Promote a safer community
  • Reduce Crime
  • Reduce formation of Criminals
  • Build confidence in the Justice System
  • Reduce fear of crime
  • Reinforce confidence in Law Enforcement

Goal #3 Promote integrity and professionalism in the criminal justice system
  • Competent and professional prosecution
  • Competent and professional law enforcemen
  • Efficient and fiscally responsible management
  • Coordinate enforcement efforts
  • Expand resources for criminal justice