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Victoria County Tax Office

Motor Vehicle Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Follow the same procedures as with any motor vehicle.
    Please Note: Motorcycle insurance is required for all Motorcycle Titles.
  • You may contact us in a variety of ways. You may e-mail us at You may telephone us at (361) 576-3671. If you wish to correspond with our office, please address your letters to Ashley Hernandez -Tax Assessor/Collector, 205 N. Bridge St. Ste. 101, Victoria, TX 77901.
  • Texas law allows disabled residents to obtain either a) one set of plates with the international symbol of access plus one placard, or b) two placards. A placard may be displayed in any vehicle being used to transport the disabled person. If the vehicle does not have disabled-person license plates, the law requires that the placard be displayed on the rear-view mirror whenever the vehicle is parked in a disabled-person parking space. A disability statement form is available from the Victoria County Tax office. The applicant's physician must complete the form, have it notarized and/or provide a current prescription with driver's license or ID.

    Permanent placards are issued for 4 years at no charge.

    Temporary placards are issued for 6 months and the fee is $5.00. 

    For more information on disabled person placards and license plates, please see the Frequently Asked Questions About Disabled Person Placards/License Plates provided by the Texas Department of Transportation.

  • You can obtain replacement plates or validation stickers at the Victoria County Tax Office. If your plates are damaged or you are only missing one plate, then you will need to bring in the registration sticker off the windshield AND the remaining license plate(s). You must also bring in your current registration receipt and fill out a replacement affidavit. There will be a $6.50 fee.
  • Yes, insurance must be on the vehicle the permit is for, unless it is a trailer. A valid inspection is required.
  • "Registration Purposes Only" means that the vehicle is registered, but not titled, in Texas. This type of ownership document may be requested when a vehicle that was registered or titled in another state is subject to registration in Texas but the owner or operator cannot or does not wish to surrender the negotiable out-of-state evidence of ownership in order to obtain a Texas negotiable title.
  • You may apply for Personalized License Plates at There is a charge in addition to the regular registration fee. The amount charged for personalized and special plates varies according to the type ordered. In some cases, the applicant must meet eligibility requirements before applying for special plates. Follow the instructions on the website.

    If applying for Military or Collegiate Plates, you may obtain an application at the Tax Office or

  • Complete the Application for Certified Copy of Title which is available at the Victoria County Tax Office. Make sure it has been signed by the registered owner(s) or lien holder. Mail the form and the $2 fee (no cash) to the address shown on the bottom of the form. For same-day service, an owner, lien holder, or verified agent of either may apply at a VTR Regional Office, and pay a $5.45 fee. A copy of acceptable government issued photo ID for each owner is required. ID cannot be expired more than 12 months.
  • The seller must write the purchaser's name and address, the odometer reading and date of sale in the title assignment. Purchaser and seller must each sign both the title and the title application form (Form 130-U). The purchaser must then go to the Victoria County Tax Office and file the title application within 30 days of the sale to avoid penalty. Proof of current insurance will be required. The fee is $33, plus motor-vehicle sales tax (6.25 percent). There is also a $2.50 transfer fee. If the license is not current, there may be a registration fee. When you purchase a vehicle from a licensed Texas dealer located in Victoria County, the dealer is required to complete all the paperwork necessary to title and register the vehicle in your name. The dealer is also required to file the documents with the Victoria County Tax Office within 30 business days of the date you purchased the vehicle.
  • The personal automobile policy for any other vehicle an individual owns provides 30-day coverage after an additional vehicle has been acquired. Therefore, a copy of the personal automobile insurance policy or the card issued for the policy is acceptable as proof of financial responsibility.

    However, this does not apply for Motorcycles, unless you currently have proof of Motorcycle insurance. Proof of Motorcycle insurance is required for all Motorcycle Titles.

  • Customers should receive their titles within three weeks from the date the application was filed. Contact the Victoria County Tax Office and ask to have the record checked.
  • This occurs if you have not advised the State of Texas that your lien has been satisfied. To remove the lien information, fill out a Title Application Form (130-U). Submit the application, title and a release of lien to the Victoria County Tax Office. The fee for this service is $33.00. The State of Texas will mail a title to you that does not show a lien.
  • An affidavit to correct will be required. This statement must address the discrepancy and must be acknowledged by both the seller and the buyer involved in the transaction in which the error was made.
  • It is likely the new owner has not transferred title into his or her name. Contact the Victoria County Tax Office or VTR Regional Office and fill out the Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification (Form VTR-346). There is no charge for filing the VTR-346 form. This form can also be submitted online at
  • If the divorce decree awards the vehicle to you, provide the Victoria County Tax Office with a certified copy of the decree and apply for title. If the decree does not award the vehicle to you, a properly assigned title will be required. In the case of a deceased spouse, the ownership will be determined based on whether there is a will, trust, etc. Contact the Victoria County Tax Office for help.
  • Contact the Victoria County Tax Office and we'll help you resolve the problem.
  • For information about rebuilt and salvage vehicles, contact our office via e-mail or call us at (361) 576-3671.
  • The statement must certify to the correct information and must include a description of the vehicle identification number and the date the statement was executed. Only the seller is authorized to execute the Affadavit to Correct. However, if the Statement of Fact is required for the odometer disclosure portion of the assignment, in addition to the seller's signature, the buyer must also acknowledge the statement.
  • The title law protects ownership rights for more than 15 million vehicles in Texas. Therefore, the statutes require transfer of ownership by proper execution of certain ownership documents. When these specific documents are incomplete or unavailable, Texas statutes require that the applicant apply for a bonded title.
  • A bonded title is a notation on a title document, as well as on the motor vehicle records, which indicates that a Certificate of Title Surety Bond has been surrendered in support of the application for title. The bond is issued in the title applicant's name, for a three-year period. The bond is required by statute in cases where proper ownership documents are unavailable. Purpose of a bonded title is to protect previous and future owners of the vehicle, as well as lien holders, from potential claims.
  • Send the renewal notice, registration fee and all requested information to the Victoria County Tax Office. Include a photocopy of your current insurance card to show proof of financial responsibility. Checks must have Texas driver's license number and phone number. Please make your check payable to Victoria County Tax Office. Our mailing address is Ashley Hernandez, TAC, 205 N. Bridge St. Ste. 101, Victoria, TX 77901.
  • A vehicle registration period is for 12 consecutive months or any portion thereof. Registration for vehicles registered during August will expire on July 31.
  • The following vehicles may be operated upon the highway without registration: 

    • A farm trailer or farm semi-trailer used in farming operations that does not exceed 4,000 pounds gross weight
    • A farm tractor used in a farming operation and not "for hire" and Implements of husbandry (those devices used to till the soil and harvest crops)
  • Yes, the Tax Office can process your renewal two months in advance. You may also renew online. Select the Online Services tab.
  • Before it can be registered, your vehicle must pass a State of Texas vehicle safety inspection. This service is available at state-approved Safety Inspection Stations. If you are leasing the vehicle you must have the vehicle inspected in Texas.

    The inspection facility will provide you with a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR). You must submit the original signed Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) to the Victoria County Tax Office along with an Application for Certificate of Title . You must also submit your out-of-state title, or out-of-state registration, with the signed Application. If your vehicle is leased, a copy of the lease agreement and a copy of the bill of sale through which the leasing company purchased the vehicle will be required.

    A New Resident Fee of $90.00 will be due. Title and registration fees are due at the time the application for title is made. You may do this in person at any Victoria County Tax Office or by mail. Proof of liability insurance is required in Texas in order for these services to be provided. If you have out-of-state insurance you will need to bring the policy when registering the vehicle.

  • The Texas Department of Insurance is unaware of provisions in the law which limit proof of liability coverage to Texas companies. Nothing less than the minimum limits as prescribed by law are acceptable as minimum amounts of coverage in Texas.
  • He or she can operate the vehicle for a period of thirty days after establishing residence or entering gainful employment, after which time the vehicle must be registered in Texas.
  • Your vehicle registration can be renewed at the Victoria County Tax Office, by using your license receipt from the previous year, the title, or the license plate number along with proof of insurance and identification.
  • Your mail will be forwarded if you filed a Change of Address Form with the U.S. Postal Service. However, the registration record will not be updated in the State's system. Contact our office at (361) 576-3671 or select the Online Services tab to change online.